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What We Do

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iOS and Android Development

Using the latest technologies and best code practices we develop your native iOS and Android application. Let's build and growth together :)

User Experience & Product Design

Wireframing, prototyping, app/web design, user testing and A/B testing are some of the activities our team can provide. Deliver a delightful experience to your clients.

Agile Methodologies

Design Sprint, Product Discovery, Lean Inception and Product Backlog Building. Get to know how to better build and maintain your company practices.

World-class Team

Our experts provides top notch design and app development accordingly to your needs and deadlines.

A distributed team ready to help your business take off.

Let's Work Together
People & Technology

Solving Real Problems for Real People

We use user-centric design and agile methods to align people and technology, working on real root problems.

People Needs

Applying research through interviews and workshops with customers we identify much better business opportunities.

Process That Match

Lean software development principles and practices are adopted to provide the perfect match between pricing and work that really matters.

Let’s Work Together

No BS. We promise.

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Photo of Cristina Hass, owner at Office Tax Services
Cristina Hass

"Excellent! Always available and with the best service! If you need someone to help you in the personal or business, Logictake is this place!"

// Owner at Office Tax Services
Photo of Floriana Ataide, owner at Practical.cl
Floriana Ataide

“Communication made me think that they were right here in my city! The guys are very good in understand what we need and also contribute to make it even better.”

// Entrepreneur, Owner At Practical.cl
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